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Paula is a  a graphic designer, photo retoucher, custom shirt maker,  goof ball, creative thinker and very reliable. Over 10 years of experience.

My expertise:
- Logos -Posters
- Advertising Digital or for Print

- Direct mailings-over all branding
- Magazine Layouts with CMYK printer knowledge -PDF presentations

Photo Retouching
- Making the product look it's best               

-  Professional photo editor
- Model / people retouching / light and heavy make-up /eyelashes
- Allowing them to still look like them -natural, just enhanced
- Digital Manipulation / Fantasy Sci-Fi
- Photography experience

Custom T-Shirts
- Amazing shirts and design - Can produce them too.

Programs Experience:
Adobe Photo Shop - excellent
Adobe Illustrator- good
Corel Draw - excellent
Adobe INDesign - excellent

My Self
- Good sense of humor
- Friendly / low maintenance / hard worker
- No drama
- Upbeat and happy problemsolver
- Helps others and works well with a lot of personalities
- Direct problem solver - listens to ideas and considers them
- Ideas (probably my best quality, yet it makes my brain think too much!)
- Hit deadlines - I stay up late if need be.


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